Vision Statement

The US GoM Diving Safety Workgroup is a US GoM focused, non-competitive and non-commercial group of oil and gas operators, transmission companies, commercial diving companies, supporting sub-contractors, organizations and industry stake holders. The group will provide a unified voice to promote and improve diving safety, through the following:
  • Identification and sharing of best practices
  • Identify and seek solutions to industry challenges and issues
  • Review and comment of existing and proposed standards and guidelines
  • Provide input to the regulators and industry associations

Executive Board Elections

The DSWG would like to congratulate David Gilbert (ExxonMobil) and Troy Turner (Phoenix) for re-election to the E-Board. David will serve again as the 2024 Chairman. We also congratulate Jason Duke (BP) for being elected in the Operator position on the E-Board.

We thank Kevin Lord (Shell Exploration & Production) for his service over the last four terms on the board and ongoing support to DSWG.

To the other 2024 nominee; Eddie Trahan (C-Dive), thank you for your participation and interest in serving on the board.

Membership Meetings

Please mark your calendars for 2024 DSWG General Membership meetings.

2024 Meeting Dates
Month Day Meeting Type Location Hosts
May 15-May General Membership 9:00am - 12:00pm
3861 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Suite 200
Lafayette, LA 70503
Talos Energy
July 17-Jul General Membership Virtual TBD
September 18-Sept General Membership Virtual TBD
November 20-Nov General Membership Virtual TBD

Underwater Magazine: Phil Newsum Remembers Randy Abadie

image Phil Newsum writes about Randy Abadie in the May/Jube 2019 issue of Underwater Magazine. "On Friday, April 26th, the industry lost a man whose contribution to diver safety needs to be shared with all who should read this." This article remembering Randy can be found in the May/June 2019 Issue on page 10

Click here: Underwater Magazine May/June 2019

DSWG is the Cover Story in Underwater Magazine

image The April/May 2017 Issue of Underwater Magazine, which is published by the Association of Diving Contractors International, features an article about the DSWG meeting that took place at the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory in the Johnson's Space Center in Houston. If you have not received the latest issue or read the story online, follow the link below to read the article in digital format. Again, thank you to everyone for the continued support and progression of the group to lead safety for commercial diving.

Click here: Underwater Magazine March / April 2017

Exotic Species Alert - Lionfish (Family Scorpaenidae)
Information, Concerns, Contact:

image Lionfish are native to the warm waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. Since there are no known Atlantic or Gulf predators, lionfish have quickly expanded their range throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Lionfish are voracious predators and may compete with other important reef fish such as groupers and snappers.
Click Here for More Information

TO REPORT SIGHTINGS: Please report any lionfish sightings to
Texas Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries division:
Leslie Hartman      (361) 972-6253
Brenda Bowling    (281) 534-0100

Join the US Gulf of Mexico Diving Safety Work Group

To Join the US Gulf of Mexico Diving Safety Work Group, please complete the Application Form on the Documents page
and email to William Bratkowski.

There are NO dues or other Fees required to be a member. We simply ask that you provide your time and input to promote safe operations for commercial diving in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The US GOM Diving Safety Work Group would like to acknowledge and thank Fast Forward Rentals for creating and maintaining our website.

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